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Dr. Lacuesta's Periodontics & Implants Surgery Center

Specializes in gum disease prevention and treatment, grafts and dental implant


The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum & supporting tissue disease, and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists are experts in the treatment of oral inflammation

Gum Hygiene 

Dental Cleaning:
Removal of plaque, tarter and stains, cleaning of gum buckets, and scaling and root planing

Dental Implant

Titanium post, that serves as tooth root replacement, that is surgically placed into the jaw bone on which a replacement teeth or a bridge can be secured

 Dr. Lacuesta 

Member of
American Dental Association
Mississippi Dental Association
Greater Gulfport Dental Society
Southwest Society of Periodontist
International Congress of Oral Implantology
Two Years Military Service Air Force 1976-1978

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What are dental implants?
Who needs them?

If you lost a tooth and need a synthetic replacement to preserve and look, function and overall health of you surrounding teeth, dental implant may be he best solution for you.
If you have lost multiple adjacent teeth and prefer a bridge type of solution, dental implants can be placed to mount the bridge intead of damaging healthy teeth to mount the bridge on.
See the process steps below


Synthetic or bone graft is placed in the gab where the lost tooth root was to stimulate natural bone growth

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A period of time, on primarily liquid-based diet follows to allow the proper growth to supporting bone

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Placement of the titanium post (implant) followed after a period, determined by your periodontist, by placinga crown or a bridge

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Implant video 

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